Professionality in serigraph color for motorcycles, bikes, signs and much more

Effevi represents the quality of screen printing in the field of motorcycle, bike, retail, shops, etc. We print on a variety of stuff such as: PVC adhesive, wood, glass, aluminum and other types of material to make signs, window stickers, decorations, banners, objects, helmets, PVC stickers, plexiglass panels and much more…

Cutting-edge solutions

Our experience in different fields, our constant research of materials, inks and more innovative and ecological printing systems, allow us to offer a high quality product and to reduce the impact of production activities to protect the environment.

Water decals, decapol, NPWT

The decals are high quality decorations easily applicable on a wide range of supports and surfaces, whose transfer takes place by immersion in water of the sheet in which they are printed.

Industrial, advertising and bike stickers

We offer a wide range of easily applicable stickers on all kind of surfaces, they are produced with materials such as polypropylene, PVC and polyester. Advertising stickers for signage or to be applied on vehicles.

Posters and signs

We are specialized in interior and exterior setting up of supermarkets, banks, medical clinics. Thanks to digital printing, we can print small and large size on many materials/surfaces.

Experience and reliability

Thanks to a spacious and modern work area (1.000 sqm), an internal graphic studio, the latest generation machinery and a highly specialized staff, we are able to offer technical and commercial support during the whole design phase.

“our know-how allows us to customize every proposal and to find the most suitable solution for our customers, as well as to design and realize the finished product always providing maximum privacy and transparency”


We realize bicycle stickers that can be applied both under and over transparent, fronts, cristal chainstays and resin-coated labels of various thickness.

Customized decorations

Our decals can be applied on bicycle frames and wheels, helmets, surfboards, snowboards, skis and fishing poles. Our production include water decals, decapol and NPWT.

From the project to the final product

Thanks to a well-prepared internal graphic studio and our ability to provide support throughout the design phase, allows us to successfully collaborate with many important national and international customers.



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