Water decals

Decorations that can be applied on different kind of surfaces



Effevi has been operating in the field of decals for many years, initially with the production of slotted templates for painting and various types of adhesives. The continuous change of the technological resources and of the quantitative and qualitative requirements of the sector has made it necessary to create products that are more and more easily applicable on a wide range of supports and able to guarantee duration and effectiveness. We have responded to this change by specializing ourselves in the production of water decals, to become a leading company in the sector.

The decals are decorations that can be applicable on a wide range of supports and surfaces, whose transfer takes place by immersion in water of the sheet in which they are printed. They represent a high quality products, are easily applicable and their resistance, once dried, is excellent and long-lasting. Our decals can be applied on bicycle frames and wheels, helmets, surfboards, snowboards, skis and fishing rods.

Our production includes: water decals, decapol and NPWT (a new type of water decal that doesn’t need any final coating on top). These products meet different needs. In this way we are able to personalize our proposals and offer our customers the best solution, also in terms of price/performance ratio.

Water Decals

Water decals can be applied on carbon or aluminum surfaces. They can withstand up to a temperature of 200°C circa. Water decals must be applied under a transparent layer, they are a high quality products, suitable for both powder and liquid painting, whose characteristics allow an excellent performance even of the smallest details.



Decapol are water decals without film for which the powder coating process is recommended.
They are a medium/high quality product, whose application is more rapid since the removal phase of the mask is not necessary.


It is a water decal on which the final coating on top is not applied. It can be applied on carbon and aluminum surfaces and is the ideal solution to obtain a glossy/matt effect.

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