If you want to decorate your vehicle with your company logo, rely on Effevi’s thirty-year experience in graphic solutions for various types of vehicles, company vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles.

Apply a sticker on your vehicles to make them unique

Effevi realizes adhesives of all sizes, produced with a technique that guarantees at the same time impeccable aesthetics, resistance to external agents and easy application. Our products can be applied to many different types of surfaces, including resistant materials such as polypropylene, PVC and polyester.

We can place our stickers on large vehicles, as well as make screen-prints for truck tarpaulins.
In addition, we are able to customize the bodywork of chromates vehicles in a practical and rapid way, guaranteeing the performance of the graphics and resistance even if the adhesive is placed on van doors or openable van compartments.

If, on the other hand, you produce bicycles, motorcycles, snowboards, surfboards, scooters, fishing rods, or you have a motorcycle or cycling team, customizing the products becomes essential! Our stickers can be applied on curved surfaces (in this case you could also choose our NPWT products), and even on small surfaces such as fronts, cristal chain stays and resin labels of various thickness for bicycles.

Decorate your vehicle to make yourself known

If you run a business, it might be a good idea to apply a sticker with your logo/your name on the vehicle you use for your business trips to make known the name of your company. In this way, not only you will make yourself recognizable, but you will use an innovative way of communicating to an audience (the street one!) probably different from your usual audience.

In fact, we suggest you to include in the sticker you will apply on your industrial vehicles not only your logo, but also your company/store contacts (address, phone number, email and even your website). Our highly qualified staff can help you create the best graphics for your communication.
Trust in Effevi experience! Contact us to discover our products and get a free quotation!