Do you want your brand to remain well impressed in the minds of your customers? Do you want to brand your products? Do you need to customize motorcycles, bicycles or other special and resistant surfaces? Effevi is the company of graphic decorations that is right for you..

Our company, with thirty years of experience in the industrial screen printing sector, signage and graphic decoration of vehicles and interiors of business locations, has developed the innovative technique of water decal to be adapted to the increasingly high quality and technological requirements of the materials/surfaces used by our customers.
To apply our Decal you simply have to soak in the water the sheet on which the graphic is printed, and then place it on the desired surface to make it stick. In this way, the affixing of our graphics will be fast and, once dried, the result will be of the highest quality and long-lasting.

Usually, in order to ensure the tightness of the decals, a transparent coating is used to overlap the graphics. In our company, however, you can also find a new technique, the NPWT, which does not require this protection: an innovation in the world of sticker graphic decorations that we export throughout Italy!!

Water Decal and Decapol to decorate with a glossy effect

The Water Decals differ from Decapol in the use of collodion, a nitrocellulose solution that acts as an adhesive: the first uses it, while the second doesn’t.
Both techniques give exceptional detail to the graphics and have a temperature resistance of up to 200 °. For this reason, they are ideal for application on carbon and aluminum surfaces of motorcycles, cars, bicycle frames and wheels, helmets, snowboards, surfboards, skis and fishing poles and much more.

You can choose this solution if you prefer a glossy effect of your graphics, as these water-based decals have a protective super-transparent layer. Our experts will advise you on the right product based on your needs for an unparalleled success on the market.

NPWT: the new technique for matt and ultramodern graphics

If you prefer a matt graphic effect, you should definitely try our innovative NPWT technique (Non Paint Water Transfer). It is excellent for adapting to curved surfaces and brings out all the creativity of our graphic designers.

In fact, with this technique it is possible to create fluorescence effects in the dark or reflection, as well as to change the surface texture to make it satiny.
So, choosing an NPWT technique is definitely a latest trend choice that will make your products unique and memorable!

Thanks to our in-house graphic studio, you can decide directly with our highly qualified staff how to customize your water or NPWT decal.

Contact us to get a free quotation and come to visit us in our spacious and modern work area in Sinalunga!